Sale, Rent and Service

CSTI has the conviction of being a company capable of meeting and solving the needs of our clients in the printing and identification of their products, through the development of solutions based on materials and technologies for the printing and reading of bar codes.

Thermal Printers

We offer sales and repair services for thermal printers, we have annual service policies with monthly preventive maintenance or according to the quantity of printing as well as by report, offering speed and quality in each of our services.

Systems, IT and Information Security Support

We have various services to satisfy the needs of systems, backups and networks that satisfy all the requirements of the clients in local systems or in the cloud.

some reasons

Why Choose Us


Inmediate attention

We are always available and with the best attitude to solve your needs and attend to your requests.


High quality

All of our consumables and services have the best quality on the market.


Punctual deliveries

By making a request, our staff will be at your facilities in the shortest time possible, any day of the week.


Constant Reports

In the services that require it, we give you constant reports of the actions that are carried out and the result of them.


Neat work

In the case of wiring installations, we make sure to leave the spaces clean and free of any debris.


Action plans

We offer annual or event plans to follow up and attend to all the requirements or needs of our clients.

Of Experience

Fulfilled projects


Ongoing Services


Different Consumables

Our products

Consumables and Labels

Laptops - Printers

We have all kinds of spare parts from the best brands and with the best prices on the market.


We have a wide variety of consumables and labels from the best brands and at the best prices on the market.

We handle several types

Thermal transfer paper labels, direct thermal paper and semi-gloss couche paper.

All Brands

We have a wide variety of toner in all brands and at the best prices.

We have three types

We have wax, resin and resin-wax.


We provide you with spare parts of the best brands and 100% original for all your servers.

Reviews From Our Clients

What People Say



Sales Manager

CSTI offers high-level resources specialized in your business. They became our true business partners in recent years.



Deputy Director of Operations

We are very satisfied with the service that CSTI has offered us. They are a very responsible and professional group of people. We highly recommend their work.

TMP Service

TPM Service

Managing Director

CSTI is definitely an ally in our work, always attentive and ready to help us achieve our goals. A pleasure working with them and having them as business partners.

Best Seller

Main Services

Number 1

Thermal Printing

Tags that play an important role in identification solutions.

Number 2

Laser Printing

High quality, and thanks to our extensive experience, we handle the best brands.

Number 3


Everything you need for your computers and printers.